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Welcome to our Specials section!

Oak View Animal Hospital

Save 20% on Dental Cleanings in February

Pelham/Helena/Hoover residents - February is Pet Dental Health Month! Save 20% on pet dental cleanings. 

Dogs and cats experience the same dental problems as people, including plaque and tartar buildup that can lead to gingivitis and dental disease.

Besides BAD BREATH, dental disease:

  • Releases bacteria in the bloodstream

  • Increases risk for heart, liver and kidney disease

  • ....

Oak View Animal Hospital

Do Not Let a Mosquito Break Your Pets Heart! Protect Them from Heartworms & Save Money

It takes one bite from an infected mosquito to break your pet’s heart!

Pelham pet owners - Heartworms are a serious and potentially fatal disease in pets, particularly in Alabama with the prevalence of mosquitoes. Foot-long worms live in the heart, lungs & blood vessels of infected pets, causing lung disease, heart failure, organ damage and can be fatal if untreated.

How does my pet get heartworms?

Oak View Animal Hospital

Save Money While Protecting Your Pet From Fleas & Ticks

What’s the Best Flea & Tick Prevention? Protect Your Home & Family from Parasites

Pelham/Helena pet owners - Spring means fleas & ticks, which is bad news for you & your pets.  

Despite a tiny size, fleas and ticks cause misery for your pet. They stimulate allergies, cause infections & transmit disease - not only to your pet but to your family.

Oak View Animal Hospital

Online Pet Pharmacy & Store - Discounts & Specials

Pelham pet owners - When you shop Oak View Animal Hospital's online pet pharmacy & pet supply store - you can find special coupons & specials from our suppliers & from VetsFirstChoice - our online provider. 

FREE shipping on orders over $49 and on AutoShip RemindMe program and for Hill's & Royal Canin pet foods.

Shop our online pet pharmacy & store now!<....

Client Referrals - $10 for You

Pelham  pet owners - Thank you for being a part of the Oak View Animal Hospital family! We appreciate referrals to new clients.

For each friend, coworker, neighbor or family member you refer to us - gets you $10 credit on your account! Your recommendation to others is valuable to us. As your partner in your pets health, we say thank you! New clients must give your name upon their first check-in.


Free Exams for Adopted Pets

Oak View Animal Hospital proudly offers free exams when a pet is adopted from the Greater Birmingham Humane Society and Shelby Humane Society.

This complimentary service applies to the comprehensive physical exam performed by a veterinarian only - does not include heartworm test, parasite screen, blood tests or ot....


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